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Private One on One Class Bahasa

learn bahasa indonesiaWhy do you have to choose private lesson or one on one class?

As my experienced when you learned private with me, you will learn more and especially the time will be yours until the lesson is done. If you are beginner and motivated it to learn Bahasa Indonesia as quick as possible and be able to speak and understand Indonesian, it will take you 3 months to learn Bahasa Indonesia fluently. I can assure you that you will be able to speak with Indonesian and surely understood when they talked to you back.

As a beginner its a good start to learn private and you should commit to your learning hours and times, so you may be able to speak Bahasa Indonesia.

Here is the prices for Private lessons, include the material and book:

  • 10 Hours for 2,2 million IDR
  • 20 Hours for 3 million IDR
  • 30 Hours for 4,5 million IDR
  • 40 hours for 5 million IDR

Payment should be made up front when we just start our lesson and we can arrange the schedule for you. The payment can be paid in cash or Bank Transferred to:


Bank account number: 4401150921

Bank Swift Code : CENAIDJA

Full name: Carolina Uda.